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  1. Donna Southerly says:

    The two things that I found very interesting was:
    1. That the Rio Star is a specific name of a red, sweet grapefruit grown in Texas
    2. The the peak growing season inTexas is from October to May

  2. Bradley Baker says:

    I did not know that grapefruit packed such a powerful punch of nutrients. I however, can not stand the taste of grapefruit. I also had no idea that someone would give away a box of them over the internet. I personally do not think winning a box of fruit over the internet is a every day occurence. I would also like to comment that grapefruit must offer something dietary supplements do not. I have never heard of a Dr. saying that ceratin pills are useful. I usually hear of Doctors saying something about the actual fruit and not the capsule form. I would also be interested how grapefruit juice compares to actual grapefruit. I will have to look into it. Thanks, Bradley Baker.

  3. Bradley Baker says:

    One thing to add. I like how they added the history of the fruit and how spanish missionaries were the ones who brought it.

  4. Haley Hoppert says:

    Two things that I learned about the grapefruit was that it contains only 120 calories! I also learned how to pick out a good grapefruit. You look for one with smooth skin and one that is really heavy, this ensures you it has lots of juice.

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