Theresa Stahl, Registered Dietitian

Nutrition Consultant - Speaker - Author - PraiseMoves Instructor


Thanks to great guidance from Theresa I lost 20 pounds and have been able to keep it off. She helped me find a balanced diet that I can enjoy. That coupled with daily exercise has made the difference that I needed.
  Abby Mensinger, CPA

I just wanted to thank you for being a wonderful teacher. I learned so much in your class. I stopped drinking soda, I drink lots of water, and I snack on good foods, and don't eat a meal right before I go to bed. I lost 15 pounds, I feel so much better, and I have way more energy. My skin is so clear, which is wonderful. The biggest thing was eating because the food was there and no more buffets, that is a good way to just be over stuffed. I know why I learned so much from your class; it is because you actually cared about everyone.  There needs to be more people like you... I also know you tried so hard to change people’s lives around so later in life they will feel good inside and out. I feel no one could have done a better job. Well if it means anything, you changed my life. You are the best teacher and one of the kindest people I know, I hope you never change. Thank You so much.        Adeline Bernardo

Recently our church invited Theresa to our annual Women's Workshop to
give us the background and demonstration of "Praise Moves". We were
blessed as we learned the various positions, and everyone seemed to
appreciate that they could be modified to accommodate all ages and
abilities. The music was soothing, the teaching uncomplicated, and
overall it was just what we were looking for (our Workshop is
entitled "Mind, Body, and Spirit"). Personally, I was excited to
learn of a Christian alternative to traditional yoga - that a
discipline I had given up years ago had been modified to worship God
and meditate on His Word.        Suzanne Nelson

As a friend, a colleague, and a mentor, Theresa Stahl is a tremendous blessing in my life. In addition to her role modeling a nurturing mother and loving wife, she is an anointed prayer intercessor and an excellent nutrition resource. Her experience in clinical and community nutrition and her balanced approaches to life are changing people's lives for the better. Her expertise includes nutrition in relation to all stages of life, drug and alcohol rehab, mental illness and developmental disabilities. Theresa demonstrates patient teaching skills and I can depend on her to keep me abreast of the latest and most sound health information, as well as being a faithful prayer partner whenever I need her.             Amy Hunter- Manuel, MS, RD, LDN

PraiseMoves has changed my life. The lower back pain that I usually suffer from has virtually disappeared. PraiseMoves jump starts my day by allowing God to be the center and the beginning of how I start my day. This allows me to deal with stress better and know that no matter what happens, my God is always in charge.   Peggy Mahler, Nurse Practitioner

Thanks for the inspirational workout! 
    JoAnn Peterson, MBA